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Gravelbourg Mustard

Welcome to Gravelbourg, home of the most delectable mustard in North America.

Enjoy the flavours of the the finest quality Saskatchewan-grown mustard, prepared in the European style on classic sandwiches or proudly displayed on a charcuterie board. Savoury pleasures abound in dry and prepared mustards alike - from German or French style to Saskatoon or Cranberry infusions and Garlic or Jalapeño delights. We would love for you to make the trip out to Gravelbourg and load up on mustard, but we know itineraries can be tight. Luckily, there are various retailers located across Canada. Visit the Gravelbourg Gourmet Mustard website at for a full listing.

With so many agreeable options, it can be difficult to make a selection. Instead of narrowing your choice down to one mustard, take home a gift basket with a variety of selections and enjoy a family-style dish together.